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South Jersey Gamers Association

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Table Top Gaming at its Finest

South Jersey Gamers Association strives to game not only historical wars but also modern or near modern wars, including the war on terror.  The members of SJGA all love to know, what if?  Sometimes we change the narrative of history or current events to see how a particular battle might unfold under different circumstances.  Changing the narrative gives the gamer a uniquely different perspective on how the tactics and strategy of the two sides (or three!) could have been different if the commanders had known more or could have seen the battlefield through our eyes. 


These games that change the narrative are in no way an attack on either side; they are purely meant to be "what-if" scenarios that we, as gamers and history buffs, are simply curious about.  These narrative changes sometimes spark a healthy, curious conversation that can include serious discussions—even disagreements—about sensitive issues that surface in retrospect, especially through the lens of modern scrutiny. A good example are games that might include WWII German army operations by SS units. Or 20th century Middle Eastern wars. SJGA members strive to maintain the utmost respect for differing views. The aim is to have conversations that are healthy but still in good spirits. Even if we disagree, we work to maintain an adult perspective in most cases that we are only just speculating about alternative narratives.


If you think you might be offended by the game we are playing, you are welcome to come and watch, bring a solo game, or just sit that game out and come next weekend.  Please also reach out on our Discord site and say, "Hey I do not want to play that game, if I bring a smaller game, will someone play it with me?”  A lot of us like to try different games, and you will most likely find someone who is interested. 


Have Fun!!!!

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